fleXdoc ServiceClient

fleXdoc ServiceClient

It is used to produce Word documents without having Microsoft Word installed
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fleXdoc can be used to produce Word 2007/2010 (docx) documents without the need to have Microsoft Word installed.
It takes a document template (document containing data-placeholders) and an XML-based data-file and merges them to create the final document. It supports advanced scenario's like repeating sections (lists, tables), images, custom formatting, etc.
Main features:
- Creates Word 2007 docx files (OOXML-standard compliant)
- Web service facade for the API, making it possible to use fleXdoc as a service in a SOA environment
- Templates are created from within Word without the need for any additional software/plugins
- Word is not needed for generating the final document, which makes this an ideal server-side solution

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